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There have been so many changes in a very short time just in the last two decades.

In technology for sure. That seems to change almost daily!

And then there is music. And I ask myself why do I pay so much attention to the changes in music? Even though I could never do much more musically than bang around on a guitar a bit music has always been something that moved me since I was a kid.

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It still reminds me of dates and high school sweethearts even down to the very song that was playing at the time. It motivates me and gives me creativity. It pushes me to work out harder at the gym. It brings back memories and can make you laugh or bring you to tears.

I grew up listening to AM radio until my mid teens because FM was almost unheard of at the time.

Some of the stuff that was played on AM radio at the time was kind of like, well kind of like this experience

I mean really! And then all of a sudden there we're bands on the scene like The Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin.etc. Wow! A whole new world. And with it came FM radio. Only one problem, the small town ( at the time ) of Huntsville, Alabama did not have any rock stations on FM so we would drive up on the mountain and on a good night could pick up the FM station in Birmingham 100 miles away.

We also had no concerts in Huntsville either so Birmingham was a frequent destination. Good times as you can see. ( kept the stubs )

Well I get a little sidetracked when talking about music so back to my original point.

I started off with vinyl and a turntable, I had one of the first quadraphonic sound systems. The only problem with that was there we're not too many quad albums to choose from but when you found one it sure sounded sweet.

And then along came these, you might remember. I spent a lot of time with pencil through the hole trying to wind the tape back up 🙂

After that there was a huge improvement, can you guess what it was? Well I still had to stick the pencil through the hole sometimes but it was not near as bad as the 8 tracks. And it seems like the sound quality was a lot better also. Well, you guessed it.

I was like a kid in a candy store when I would see these kind of advertisements and have to say that I joined more that one time to take advantage of that motherlode of music.

Along about that time something big ( at least to me) happened with the upstart of all the peer to peer file sharing services like Napster and then Kazaa. Oh wow! free musicI was downloading as fast a possible when I learned of them and the great thing about them was that I could find really old old stuff that I couldn't find anywhere else. Only one problem there, it was determined that they we're illegal so gave that up quickly. And along with the peer to peers came the mp3 players.

So now currently with the smart phone revolution I was happy to find internet radio like tune in and really liked Pandora except the fact that they would give you similar music to what you searched for but that sort of led back to a version of FM radio, classic rock if you will that wasn't as classic as I wanted.

And then along came Spotify. Everything that I wanted. I still have all my music files stored away and never want to lose them of course but it's so nice to go to the gym with just my smartphone and listen to ANYTHING I want to listen to, there is not much that I can't find.

I can listen to whole albums or make an endless playlist that goes on forever while I'm on a long road trip on my bike and I want to keep my hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road most of the time. And it goes with me anywhere I go as long as my phone is with me.

And don't have storage problems to worry about. What more can you ask for?

So change is not all bad. And making the change from the workplace to entrepreneurship is not a bad change either. Try it, you might like it 🙂 Thanks for reading and letting me ramble as I shared some good memories.

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