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Mally Mall at the Mayweather vs Canilo Fight

Mally Mall is a great enthusiast of professional boxing. As many of us are fan of his music he is diehard fan of Floyd Mayweather who is a professional boxer in America. He during this career has twice won the five division world championships. Moreover, he has eight world titles. Also Mayweather is the welterweight champion and was ranked number one in the welterweight rankings. He is included in the top 50 paid athletes in the world.

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This famous personality was cheered bymally mall pimpduring his historical fight against Canelo Alvarez from Mexico. The event held at MGM grand Las Vegas in the Garden Arena. That night was taken away from the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. He stood as the winner at the fight. The fighter was also supported and cheered by all-time favorite rapper Lil Wayne and pop star Justin Bieber. They both walked Floyd to the ring.

Mally Mall seated in the VIP seats watched the whole fight with his friends. Many of his friends from the music industry attended the event. Some of them we're Tyga JJ, Spiff, Lil Za, MDMA, Lil Twist and Poo Bear. Check out Mally Mall cheering Floyd Mayweather.

Some days ago Mike Tyson had revealed that Mally Mall and Justin Bieber are his close friends. It seems thatmally mall Las Vegashas great connection with the professional boxers. His music production and the artists working with him have created a great sensation with the audiences. Mally Malls efforts to bring together great artists and create music have given the Hip Hop a new color. Mally mall other than loving boxing has many other astonishing hobbies such as having wild animals as pets, collecting sneakers, aquariums, tattooing and many others. He is an interesting person in the music industry.

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