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Whether you like going to the nightclub or listen to songs on the radio, you will inevitably be exposed to multiple genres of music. You can listen to rhythm and blues, house, techno, jazz, hip hop, rap, classical, or even folk. People love to dance to many kinds of rhythms and song, and enjoy discovering new songs everyday. The following info talks about Electronica and it's rich and colorful history.

Different Genres

The term electronica is generally used as an umbrella term to describe multiple genres. It is used for dance clubs, background ambiance, and foreground music. Genres such as Progressive House, techno, drum and bass, ambient, and downtempo all fall under this particular style. This genre was originally started in the late nineteen seventies, but didn't really become very well known until the mid nineteen nineties, where it was being played in several underground and alternative dance clubs.

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Crossover Artists

This type of music has influenced a wide variety of crossover recordings. Crossover is a term used to describe artists that switch over from one particular genre to another. Some good examples of this are when artists will fuse two or more genres to create their own unique works. Electronic sounds started to form the basis on which popular songs we're created, and became a staple of pop and rock songs in the mid 1980s.

Underground Electronic Music

The specific term electronica started being used to describe underground genres that had a particular electronic aesthetic. Ever since then it's been used to showcase the electronic community along with any forms of music that include electronic sounds of synthesizers. Several artists these days use lots of techniques found within the genre.

World Wide Fans

The creation of this type of sound has spawned millions of fans worldwide. Fans consider their community to be a representation of what is known as electronic dance culture. Originating from acid house styles from Spain, and Psychedelic dance parties from India, raves have become incredibly important to the digital dance culture.

Developments In Technology

This style was created around the recent developments in sound technology. It uses a variety of tools, such as electronic instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and digital audio workstations. As technology developed, it got easier and easier for artists to begin producing their own forms of electronic songs in their own studios. Around the same time, people began experimenting with computers to record samples and loops as ways to digitally construct new kinds of songs.

New York's Electronic Scene

During the late 1990s New York city became the breeding ground for electronic artists to come and share their work with the world. People would come and experiment with different kinds of sounds, and DJs and producers would begin creating play lists for nightclubs and dance parties. Artists from places like Tokyo, Brazil, Hong Kong, and France would come and try to find success within the community.

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