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Simple Tips To Improve Your Guitar Playing Skill

It's painful when newbie guitar players put more time into practice, work hard and become passionate only to fail playing the way they would want to play. They are always frustrated by the fact that they don't seem to improve fast enough. The consequences is that they start doubting their guitar potential, ultimately getting angry with themselves because the hours put forth in practice does not reflect in their performance.

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Well, if this sounds like you, then this piece of information is just for you. You see, most people who try to get it right take a totally different approach to becoming the best guitarist. They believe that their poor performance is due to poor exercise selection, so they search for other materials hoping to see improvement. They get the best acoustic guitar thinking they'll learn faster while spending little or no time in learning how to best practice these exercises, so their efforts transform into zero results.

Truth is, instead of looking for new materials to help you learn how to play it perfectly, you should learn how to get the most from the guitar materials you already have (you should have more than enough material if you've played guitar for a considerable period of time). When you learn how to maximize on the potential of a single exercise, a few things will happen:

  • Your progress will be quick since you don't have to deal with a string of different exercises hoping to master all of them to improve your skills.
  • And when you are serious about taking advantage of one exercise, you will know exactly how to identify and create your own exercise to address the problematic areas.

The basics of learning guitar

In order for a student to learn, they need to be committed to putting more time into lessons. Countless hours may be put without realizing any tangible results, but they must soldier on. Of course they need to start with the basics first. The first step involves learning string names, then notes on the fretboard, scales and degree of the modes, the major scale, key transposition, reading guitar tabs etc.

It's in the way you practice, not the exercise itself

You should have a reasons as to why you include certain items into your training routine. If you can't explain, then you will lose direction. This could also mean that any single exercise you choose will help you improve on multiple areas in relation to the approach you take when working with the chosen technique.

Just to emphasize on this point, say you want to work on scales. Every guitar enthusiast understands that scales are important training tool. However, most of them still don't understand how to use it in different ways to attain several goals. These are just some of the multiple areas we're talking about:

  • Master how to play it fast
  • Master your skills in becoming a better lead guitar soloist
  • Master the art of visualizing the guitar neck at a higher level
  • Learn how to become a creative musician

The ability to set individual goal on each item in every practice session doesn't come naturally in most people, which is why studying guitar alone is a poor choice. So the above process will help you improve your skills regardless of whether you go through lessons or not.

Why practicing scales will improve your guitar technique

When working on scales, it's important that you focus on every element which make improvement a reality. These elements may include tension control, economy of motion, 2 hand coordination as well as articulation of the pick.

We hope you noticed the importance of practicing scales with the intention of putting focus on specific elements of the technique as opposed to monotonous repetition of finger-motion that lots of would-be guitarists do. It's through this difference that your mind will learn to tell your hands what to do so that you can play at a higher level. Then you are free to invest in the best acoustic guitar.


Having too many exercises is not always a bad thing. In fact, if you have multiple exercises to go with, it will increase your productivity as far as learning is concerned. But learning how to capitalize on a single exercise is what matters most. When you have this mindset, you'll realize how fast your progress is. Lastly, keep in mind that the best acoustic guitar will cost you money. Expect to pay anything between $2000-$5000 for a new one.

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