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It's Not Surprising that Michael Jackson CD Sales are Soaring

Some three weeks after the death of Michael Jackson, people are still eager to own a piece of the man who brought so much into their lives. It is for this reason that sales of Michael Jackson cd's are breaking records the world over; again. This was something the world got very much used to throughout the seventies, eighties, and early part of the nineties; but not since.

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It would be churlish to suggest it is the way in which he would want to be remembered. But it is certainly fitting that Michael Jackson cd's continue to break records, even after his death.

Just a week after his death, hits including "Man In The Mirror", "Smooth Criminal", "Billie Jean" and "Dirty Diana", we're back in the top ten of single charts across the world, for the first time in a decade.

The increase in sales has not been solely the preserve of CD singles however, as the albums themselves continue to break records in equal measure.

Online too; at musical download sites, the records have been smashed. Simultaneously, Jackson songs we're topping Apple iTunes from the US to Australia and everywhere in between. Clearly a sign that the King of Pop continues to appeal across all age ranges.

Whilst Jackson's music in all formats continues to sell well, the public preference does seem to be for Michael Jackson cd's. Whether this is due to the age of those most likely to buying his music, or simply to own a tangible memento from the King of Pop is unclear. However, it is with grim irony that the turnover in sales is what the star and his team had planned when announcing his "This Is It" tour.

Whilst the records broken now are only from his back catalog, it will surely only be a matter of time before his currently unreleased materials start topping the charts. As AEG scrabble to contain their losses from the cancellation of the "This Is It" tour, we can expect something by Christmas of 2009 at the very latest.

We already know of course that sessions from the tour rehearsals are to be cut to CD and DVD. This will only be the start however. In the early days after his death, AEG we're troubled with problems of how they could possibly recover having committed to such great expense of the tour. Now however, stories are centered only on the number of tribute dates, and when new Michael Jackson cd's will be available.


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