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Protect Your Guitar From Temperature Changes and Humidity

Your guitar needs to be protected from humidity and temperature changes for a number of reasons. One, to protect the grandeur of a well-crafted guitar; and two, to ensure your guitar stays in tune all the time.

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Usually, most guitars are built in relatively controlled humidity range of about 37 to 42 percent. As such, it's always advisable to store your guitar in an environment that has a measurable humidity of about 60 percent or less. Otherwise, the wood may gradually begin to swell, and before you know it; itll be recording a number of warning signs, as listed below:

  • Glued joints becoming more visible: Excess humidity causes glued joints to become more visible. This is because pearl is more impervious to humidity changes, while the wood beneath it is actually not. Itll therefore be swelling every time humidity exceeds 60 percent. And as it continues to swell, the gap surrounding the inlay will gradually begins to appear before it eventually becomes more visible.
  • Swelling at the top: High humidity stifles top swells in acoustic guitars. In most cases, this creates visible ripples at the top and back of your guitar, followed by a series of string actions that in turn affect playability.
  • Sound quality: Since excess humidity distorts the structure of an acoustic guitar, the tone quality and string life of your guitar may also be affected.
  • Bulging at the top: Excess humidity may cause your guitar to bulge at the top; consequently, pushing the strings and bridge upwards and relatively towards the neck. Also, as the back bulges, the neck may be pushed upwards as the ebony fret board expands, loosening the fret.

Protecting your guitar from adverse temperature changes and humidity

  1. Learn to polish and clean the sides, back and top of your acoustic guitar regularly. Apply furniture polish or any other type of polish as offered by the underlying Guitar Company. By establishing a regular polish regimen as well as cleaning your guitar from time to time, you'll be keeping it cool and neat as you retain the original grandeur.
  2. Every time you change the string on your guitar, remember to dress the frets. This is actually very important to those that play their guitar very often, as the grime and oils on their hands tend to accumulate on the fret-board every time they play the guitar. And since the accumulated dirt often times affects sound quality and strings, it's always advisable to use a tooth brush and soapy water to wipe the fret, before drying and dressing them back on after cleaning.
  3. Wipe the neck using a dry piece of cloth to prolong string-life and to protect the fret board, as well. In so doing, you'll be wiping out the oils, sweat, grime and dirt, all of which build up so quickly. Plus, you'll be making it easier for you to dress the frets.
  4. Learn to check and tighten up all the strap-pins, screws and tuning machines. This makes total sense since no one wants to hear all the unnecessary rattling and jingling every time they play an acoustic guitar either at time or at a concert.
  5. Dont store your guitar close to any source of dry or cold air, such as forced air-heating ducts. Similar, it's always best not to store your acoustic guitar in damp places, such as closets, garages and basements.
  6. When you're traveling or not using your guitar, learn to store it in a case. In this case, there are two kinds of guitar cases to choose from: one, there's the gig bag, which is actually very light to carry around in addition to providing enough protection to your base guitar even though they offer zero protection against temperature changes. Then two, there's the hard case which actually offer protection against temperature changes, humidity, and physical damage.
  7. Dont carry your guitar in a car-trunk when traveling. Car trunks tend to intensify any kind of weather. Thats to say, if the temperatures is low, car trunks will record even lower temperatures, and extremely higher temperatures when the overall temperature is relatively high.

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