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American idol runner up-Wildflower

So here I am again, reviewing yet another music album in my not-so-professional-but-apparently-entertaining way. Today's special little album is the recently released "Wildflower," starring the vocal talents of a certain 16 year-old American idol runner up by the name of Lauren Alaina. Normally a 16 year old singer with her own album would be a rather impressive feat, but considering how many pimply youngster singers are invading the music industry these days, it's really not much of a surprise to me anymore.

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So Wildflower, then. Let's start with the first track shall we?

1. Georgia Peaches

This one seems to be very classic country. Upbeat, fun, and many references to girls wearing jeans. What's with country singers and their jeans anyway? I never hear anyone write songs about their cargo shorts.

2. Growing Her Wings

Oh boy, yet another teen song about growing older and more mature. Never heard one of those before! Alaina keeps mentioning how she's "stuck in rice county," and how she longs to spread her wings and "fly," but considering she's singing this on her debutmusic album, something tells me she's not really "stuck at home."

3. Tupelo

Tupelo is apparantly a city or a town of some sort, in case you didn't catch on to that. I sure didn't know what it meant until Alaina kept singing about "heading way down to Tupelo." I mean, there's not much else you can "head way down" to, unless it's an underground civilization of mole-people or something. Actually, in retrospect, that might actually make for a better song, because this one is repeating it's "la la la la's" to the point where I feel as though my head may explode.

4. The Middle

Looks like we're shifting from upbeat country to blues-y country. Listening to the soft guitar strums in the background along with Alaina's suddenly mournful tone tells me that this song is undoubtedly about some guy she likes who moved away or something of the like. Not that the vague nature of the lyrics are helping clarify that. With all this talk about "staying," and "making it last," she could be singing about her poodle for all I know.

5. Like My Mother Does

This song was apparently Alaina's first single hit. This seems pretty reasonable, since the content of the song is certainly different than that of most teenage songs these days. Whereas most teenage singers spend all their time singing about boy crushes and how much they love wearing jeans, (including Alaina of course) this song revolves around Alaina's love for her mother. You ask me, that's a pretty bold move for a song. Quite moving, but at the same time, I can't help but feel the song was made with the intention to make people cry.

6. She's a Wildflower

Is that the album title I see there? Yep, it sure is! Well this better be the best dang song since they we're so keen to name the whole album after it. This one seems to be the kind of song we're sure to see in movie trailers about groups of teen girls being all independent and strong and what-have-you. Decent enough, I suppose.

7. I'm Not One of Them

Alaina seems to be harnessing the angry energy of "Pink" in this little sassy number. I must say that songs like this, where the lead girl sings about "you're gonna have to do better than that" in order to win her over, always give me a bad impression of the singer. Why does she go around telling guys that their not good enough for her? Talk about a heartless way to reject someone. A simple "No" would suffice, Missy.

8. The Locket

Judging from the title, this one is gonna be very sentimental and soppy. Let's see if I'm right... (plays track)

Yep! Alaina starts singing all mournful again about her military-enlisted boyfriend. Wait a minute, boyfriend? Well if that's the case who was she singing to about "doing better than that" in the last song? Is it the same guy? Well no wonder he went off to war! He was probably tired of dealing with your judgmental attitude, Alaina.

9. Eighteen Inches

The title of this one is apparently referring to the distance between

a person's head to their heart. I guess no one can say that Alaina doesn't do a little anatomical research before writing her songs.

10. One of Those Boys

First, Alaina's telling us "she's not one of them," possibly in an attempt to rid herself of female stereotypes. Now, just three songs later, Alaina's telling us she only wants a stereotypical backwoods boy with a truck and a fishing pole. What's with the double standard, huh Alaina? Men are allowed to be grouped together in a sentence but not women? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Alaina.

11. Funny Thing About Love

I swear there has to be about a billion songs with this title. Everyone thinks love is such a "funny" thing, but I never hear any laughing or giggling in these songs. What gives? On another note, when the phrase "can't get enough" appears in your love song, you deserve to get your teeth kicked in by Barry White.

12. Dirt Road Prayer

Finally, we've reached the end of the road. (See what I did there?)This final song slows things down again after the fast-paced previous one. This seems to be about as sad as Alaina gets in this album, but unlike the others, this one seems to be a song of hope rather than a song of loss. For some reason I can't help but envision a Nun kneeling down on a gas station dirt road while I listen to this. Anyway, good ending I suppose.


Overall, the lyrics all feel pretty cliche and dull, but the mix of upbeat country and blues country makes it an easy album to listen to. The best of the bunch is most definitely "Like My Mother,"because it actually finds a way to stand out amidst the many country songs about jeans and dirty trucks.

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