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A few people thought that reality rap has done a lot to our world; as a result our society has improved. Laws are stated for music censorship. A few also think that rap censorship is actually wrong; there are cases, songs, as well as interviews to prove them. Many people think that rap music encourages violence and that it's bad to the people. While a lot of focus is put on the detrimental effects of some rap music, there's little acknowledgment of rap's positive cultural contribution and social activism.

Reality rap shouldn't be censored because everybody has got the right to their freedom of speech, as it is in Section 2 of Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Rappers express thoughts and the whole world is after them. According to them, it's freedom of choice, and that's exactly what America is supposed to be about. It appears that priorities are all just in the wrong order. For these people, censoring rap is against the law. Rap artists have every legal right to voice themselves in in any manner they like to. Rap music has been good to the society. Rap music has enlightened people about black culture. People always find out what is the bad aspect of rap through the media. They never learn what good it does.

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Rap is the top selling form of music these days. Rap has introduced people a brand new feeling of pride and a new form of self expression. Rap has brought different cultures and races closer together. Because of rap, white children are getting a better understanding as well as a new respect for black culture. Rap has done nothing but bring men and women together. It is people who do not understand the music or the culture that are making problems. Music artists, recording companies as well as fans are all worried about the issue of music censorship. All of these people are pitted against the government officials and community organizations who are trying to eliminate what is thought to be obscenity in popular music. Issues arise in looking for a sufficient meaning of obscenity as it pertains to art.

The Supreme Court definition for obscenity in art was reached in the 1973 case entitled Miller versus California. In that particular case, it was decided that obscenity is a community problem and that it should be determined on the basis of local, rather than federal, standards. Also, the Supreme Court decided that, in order for a product to be obscene, it must be patently offensive and it also should appeal to prurient interests and lack serious artistic value. Controversies surface in looking for a definition for what makes up artistic merit.

Although reality rap is gaining bad reputation because of the rappers' lifestyle, there are rappers who don't use profanity and violence in their own lyrics, such as Will Smith. Good rap doesn't have to be vulgar. People see how much of a good role model Will Smith is with his good lyrics. If someone chooses to make damaging music, you have a choice to listen to it, or not. You likewise have a choice between mimicking the lyrics, or otherwise. All you do is under your discernment.

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