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May/June Update

Hello everyone, I'm still here and I know it's been ages since my last update!

May and June so far as been a busy period for me and I've barely had anytime to myself. I guess when you are a musician and it comes to the summer, it almost is expected that you will be busy. A concert a weekend for the last 4 weekends certainly made sure that the summer started busily! But in a strange way, I enjoy every minute of it. When you see an audience and even the concert venue come alive with the sound of the band, it is for me the best feeling you can experience. However, I've now got a 2 week break for concerts and i'm looking forward to having a little downtime and a rest.

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Another thing that's changed during May/June is my new girlfriend, Becka. I guess by now, it's quite common for a male to be all soppy about his girlfriend but Becka deserves every positive that comes her way. At the time that I write this, we've been together for 4 1/2 weeks but already my world is unrecognisable. We've just clicked and I really am the happiest I've ever been. Becka's the reason I wake up in a morning, the reason behind my smile and is everything about the world I live in. If your reading this Becka, thanks for the last 4 1/2 weeks and for making my world so perfect.

Right, enough 'soppyness' for one blog entry a quick look ahead for the following few weeks. My music festival 'season' is near at an end now and i've enjoyed every minute of competing. The final music festival of the season, Cleethorpes Music Festival, is coming up on the 25th June and the final chance to win a trophy for the year. Sadly, I'm against my sister competing for the trophy.

Right, i'd better get off for now. There might be so news coming soon about my involvement with EYSM, so watch this space.

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