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Top 10 albums of 2014

With almost 82,000 subscribers on his youtube channel, Lewis Watson's first studio album the morning features beautifully acoustic guitars, Lewis soft and husky voice and not-too-complex lyrics full of positivity and maturity. This is a perfect folk-pop album, which could led Ed Sheerans fans to like him, even though he has a softer and warmer voice that will take him far.

2) Ed Sheeran X

After a successful album released on 2012, Sheeran follows the path he did with his first album, only a little more mature. He upturns his appeal with the versatility of x, mixing his melodic voice, the softness of his lyrics and his ability to rap to bring an album that's just as good as his latest.

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3) SKATERS Manhattan

If one couldn't tell by the albums name, Manhattan is an album about people living in New York City, describing the city and making the listeners feel it, alternating voices of young women complaining about things, while SKATERS lead singer Cummings sings about it like it's just another day in the life, almost bored-like. That's what makes it so listenable, and enjoyable; the collision of Cummings voice and the strong riffs of fuzzy guitars, mixing it with some almost reggae sound in a couple of songs. Many compared them with The Strokes, but one could tell SKATERS add their own style into their music, making it highly enjoyable.

4) Lykke Li I Never Learn

With only nine songs, a 33 length album, Lykke Li combines strings, violins, piano chords and distant choruses with her voice, giving the album an arena effect and, therefore, a dramatic scene to it. The lyrics are also what makes this album perfect for listen to while on a break-up; sung by Lis melancholic voice, filled with passion, making abrupt breaks in between the verses, almost like she was crying while making it. This album evokes heartbreak and loss, and, while the songs are cold, one could feel enveloped by the feelings, keeping you warm.

5) Morrisey World Peace is None of Your Business

With a very controversial title, Moz's last album is filled with the singers particular views and opinions, only to raise his profile. This is the perfect album to release after a five-year-old hiatus, mixing his distinctive voice with classic guitars streams, making it like an almost biography, in I'm not a man, talking about the cliches of masculinity and extricating himself from it.

6) Beck Morning Phase

After six years without releasing an album and mainly producing, Becks Morning Phase feels safe. With lyrics that practically spill out wisdom and experience, leaving the irony behind, and a folk-rock sound, this album is like a re-writing of Sea Changes, his 2002 work. This is the perfect album for leaving you with a sense that everything's going to be okay in the end.

7) The Black Keys Turn Blue

The bands new album mixes psychedelic sounds and the best thing about the band as usual, is the bass. Its a moodier, more mature and versatile album, sounding like a 70s mixtape. Turn Blue shows The Black Keys can also leave their designated style and try different things, without losing that sound that represents them.

8) Foster the People Supermodel

Three years after the release of their first and successful album Torches, Foster the People returns with a more mature and equally deep album. Fosters bold lyrics are as good as in the first album, but what makes the album unique is the sounding; mixing bleary guitar riffs, strong bass, electronic growls and the classic falsettos only Mark Foster know how to do.

9) Thee Oh Sees Drop

With the characteristic psychedelic vibe that follows this band, Thee Oh Sees have emerged with a 60s-like album; dirty riffs, the usual synthesizer, but mixed with some uncommon ones, such as a saxophone on an almost acoustic Put Some Reverb On My Brother or adding polished strings on Kings Nose, giving a surprising twist to the entire album.

10) The Fray Helios

With that piano base and soft guitar strings that distinguish them, The Fray latest album, Helios, proves the band remains into the same style they began with. Giving a twist on songs like Give it Away, they seem to expand their range of music, making it less melodic and more like a pop sound, giving the band a little more variety.

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