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Modern technology and media distribution is a blessing

Modern technology and media distribution is a blessing, With the likes of YouTube and Spotify it allows us humble musicians a platform to put out music without the need for a man in a suit or, god forbid, reality TV.

Gavin Bates is one such muso who has used these technologies to release Writing In The Sand.

Gavin, front man of popular Cambridgeshire bands Bokaata and Up & Atom, he has taken the plunge into releasing his solo songs, of which this is the first offering.

There are many guys with a guitar out there releasing songs, but there are 2 things which make Gavin different from this group;

1 The Vocal Gavin has a very distinctive voice. It is individual, and immediately stands out above the crowd. There is no effort here to sound like anyone else, it is pure and shows you his talent without hiding behind a gimmick or auto tuner it is in essence everything a singer song writer should be.

2 The Song This self written, self produced ballad is kept simple. There are very few frilly bits in it, which is great, it concentrates on emotion in the song, which it is full to the brim with. Gavin is a man who is clearly in touch with his feelings, and has a skill for taking his thoughts down into song and this is a perfect example.

The video is tastefully done, no flashing lights, no smoke and no mirrors. It centres around Gavin and his guitar and perfectly compliments the song, just as a good video should do.

Its clear that he does this for the love of song and not some desire to join One Direction on tour, and this fact I believe will appeal to different sections of the social demographic.

I'm sure we will hear more from Mr Bates over the coming months, but in the mean time, check out the video for Writing In The Sand.

Posted in Music Post Date 06/21/2017






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